Our Core Values


Our Values

  1. Direct our decisions in regard to our priorities.

  2. Determine the way we do ministry (our vehicles).

  3. Determine the way we spend money.

  4. Determine how we structure the church’s calendar.

  5. Keep us on track.


We value JESUS

"Jesus matters in our daily lives" – When we choose to emulate Jesus in the way we think and act, we live a more full life.  Jesus said that He came that we “might have life and have it abundantly (Jn 10:10).”  When we make decisions based on this fact, we experience the life He intends.


We value Applying God’s Word 

"Teaching is for Life-Change" - We want people to understand God’s word in a personal way, one that influences the choices they make and the way they live their life.  The Christian life isn’t about how much you know about the Bible…it’s about how you live what you know.  Understanding of deep Biblical truths guides us to be the people God designed us to be and to put into action our gifts and talents.


We value Authentic Small Groups 

"People can be ‘real’ in small groups" - We believe that life change takes place in the context of relationships.  We want members to love, accept and care for each other and thereby fulfill the one another commands in Scripture.  We desire relationships that go beyond acquaintances.  Our goal is to create an environment where faithful and lasting Christian friendships are made - where the term ‘you’re my brother or sister’ is fully known and understood.  Small Groups at Journey Church are the primary tool to foster these very kinds of relationships.


We value Fun & Creativity  "Changing Methods…unchanged Message”

The Christian life should be anything but boring and dull, and the church should reflect that.  Whether people are at a worship service, in a small group or serving in a ministry, we want people to have fun, be creative, and experience the creativity that reflects part of what God Himself is like.  Creativity should be fun and we want every member and staff to laugh and enjoy the abundant life we have in Christ.  We want to be as modern as possible in our attempts to meet the needs of others.  Our methods of communicating the timeless message of Christ will be ever changing as we look for meaningful ways to connect culturally with others.  The use of applicable sermons, media, music, the arts and community ministry play a significant role in meeting people where they are.


We value Worship 

"Worship is not just music, but about how we live our lives." – “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24  We always want to worship God in our worship environments, but if that is the only place that happens, we will be unbalanced.  We also value worship in our daily lives through personal worship and quiet time and authentic living.


We value Grace and Restoration 

"Relationship with God is a picture of His grace" – In the Bible, Jesus was kind to those who were caught in sin.  He was most critical of “religious” people whose lips honored Him with their lips, but their hearts were far from him. (Mt 15:8).  God wants the church to be a place where people can be released from their sins and find healing for their hurts.


We value Respect for all people 

"People Matter to God" - Every person has been created in God’s image and because of that, they are of infinite worth.  We want people to be respected as they are and where they are.  People who have questions or are even aggressively opposed to things we hold dear should be heard and listened to, not dismissed or disrespected.  Our desire is for people to recognize Jesus in us and the way we conduct ourselves.


We value Involvement in Service 

"Every Member is a Minister" - We don’t think that it’s the “job” of paid staff to do the work of the ministry.  Instead, we think it’s the privilege and responsibility of all of us to share the load of life.  People have different gifts and abilities, passions and personalities, and we think that’s by design.  When people take on the responsibility of ministering and caring for the needs of one another, everybody wins and the God’s kingdom will grow.


We value Growth & Life-change

"Real followers of Jesus Grow" - Growth is a by-product of health.  We want our church to grow in size and in health and we think that people want to grow too.  We want to be a church where people can experience and encounter God in worship and where God’s power and presence are truly felt.  We want our members to develop intimacy with God through a lifestyle of devotion (prayer, fasting, quiet time, etc) and obedience (purity, honesty, integrity, etc).  We want to see lives turned upside down by a radical Jesus.


We value Generosity

"Real followers Give freely" – We believe that followers of Christ should be some of the most generous people on earth.  It starts with obedience the biblical teaching of the tithe (Mal. 3:10). When we understand we are stewards of His money and resources, it becomes easier to give freely.  We also believe that followers of Christ will want to be generous in relationship with the rest of their resources, as well – both in time and money – and that they will try and be conduit by which God can bless others (1 Tim. 6:18-19)